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Sans x Reader LEMONS

Sans x Reader LEMONS

27.2K Reads 265 Votes 7 Part Story
RealMrsTrancy By RealMrsTrancy Updated Jan 02

Ummm...yeah this was really awkward to write so ya'll should be grateful. LOL. enjoy my very first story.

RealMrsTrancy RealMrsTrancy Sep 06, 2016
I apologize for any confusion you are not using your own age you are 13 in this I know it's young but I imagine Sans as a 18 year old
RandomDepressedGirl RandomDepressedGirl Aug 21, 2016
uhm......sorry Sans.....I need to tell you something serious.....
                              I'm not a kid.
Snowflakethefirst Snowflakethefirst Dec 29, 2016
*pics self up* 
                              *throws self in trashcan*
                              "ARE YOU SHITTING ME?"
NightmarishTruth NightmarishTruth Jul 03, 2016
Pfft I'm twenty-one you silly skeleton XD is that a kid to you guys? -chuckles bringing a hand up to cover a smirk-
I may be a child buuut 
                              I'm a pervert ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
xXWeapon_FairyXx xXWeapon_FairyXx Nov 01, 2016
That's me when I have to go to school or tell my mom my senpai