Will you date my son? {hs}

Will you date my son? {hs}

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Lexie By needing_niall Updated Nov 29, 2016

"Well it's going to sound crazy... really crazy" Her head dropped and she sat in one of the chairs at the table. "I might be crazy actually. But I have a son and I love him. He was a mama's boy from birth. But after me and his father divorced and my daughter left for UNI, he has changed. I don't even know who he is anymore" She paused. Anne looked so broken, her head in her hands. I walked over and took a seat next to her.

"What does this has to do with me" I asked laying my hand on her shoulder. She pulled a napkin from the table and dabbed her eyes.

"Will you date my son?" She looked up at me with teary eyes.

I didn't know what to say. I had just met this women no more than ten minutes ago and she wants me to date her son?

Not Mine. All credit goes to the author lynnn1.

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ChelleThaDon ChelleThaDon Dec 01, 2016
I wish I was this outgoing. My social anxiety be like " bitch please ".
halfxheart halfxheart Mar 15, 2016
Boy on boy you say? I smirked so hard when I read the EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY KNEW BC YOU TOLD ME A MIN AGO WHAT IS MY LIFE
__dimmed __dimmed Apr 13, 2016
Okay, i would literally run away like what the hell dnt stare at me
needing_niall needing_niall Mar 15, 2016
@halfxheart the only thing I've ever read on there was this fic because I couldn't find it anywhere else so idk lmao
halfxheart halfxheart Mar 15, 2016
I was getting the rest of my fruit snacks before they all got snatched