My Doctor Phil Lester (AmazingPhil x reader smut)

My Doctor Phil Lester (AmazingPhil x reader smut)

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Smut Queen By TheQueen769 Updated Mar 18, 2016

unlike the danisnotonfire smut, this one was actually written by ME. 

you get to see how horrible of a writer i am.

description: Your on your way to the hospital for a check up, and your doctor Mr.Lester looks really breathtaking that day. His eyes, hair,smile,laugh, what's not to love about your sexy doctor?

____= your name (INSERT YOUR DAMN NAME)

y/h= your hair color

y/e= your eye color

y/fc= your favorite color

MyChemicalLesbian MyChemicalLesbian 3 days ago
"That Needle Isn't Going To Be The Only Thing Inside Of Me For Long.."
CircusCate CircusCate Jan 06
I love day like these when it's raining down hard. And when thunder and lighting strikes. Oh! The sweet sounds.
MyChemicalLesbian MyChemicalLesbian 3 days ago
What Was I Gonna Say?
                              "Hot Glasses, Kinda Like Me. Hey, Wanna Screw?"
dallonweekesleftleg dallonweekesleftleg Dec 28, 2016
I love the smell and the look of hospitals.  It might just be the fact that I pretty much lived in a hospital for a year
. . . Everyone is complaining about how he's a doctor. . . There is something called 'Taking one major and 1-2 courses' 😑😤😧
CircusCate CircusCate Jan 06
Forgive me my lord, but I'm about to sin and go to hell to join their hellish crusade.