My Doctor Phil Lester (AmazingPhil x reader smut)

My Doctor Phil Lester (AmazingPhil x reader smut)

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Smut Queen By TheQueen769 Updated Mar 18, 2016

unlike the danisnotonfire smut, this one was actually written by ME. 

you get to see how horrible of a writer i am.

description: Your on your way to the hospital for a check up, and your doctor Mr.Lester looks really breathtaking that day. His eyes, hair,smile,laugh, what's not to love about your sexy doctor?

____= your name (INSERT YOUR DAMN NAME)

y/h= your hair color

y/e= your eye color

y/fc= your favorite color

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aesphan aesphan Jan 20
i read asses as "more than one ass" instead of "assess the situation" kms
Has anyone ever seen Kiss and Cry? That explanation of the nurse reminds me of Carley's nurse in the movie.
Ava_Cado128 Ava_Cado128 Jan 21
One of my friends parents are 10 years apart! It's not weird I mean, it would be Weird if I used my age now cause it would be a 20 year difference but ITS OK
MadeCrazy MadeCrazy Jan 09
My bb phil is going to be 31 on the 30th of Jan
                              WHAT THE ACTUAL DAYLIGHT SAVINGS
Ok but Phil you're a doctor stop being uncomfortable with half naked patients
MiaWalters MiaWalters Jan 31
I cry when I get shots. Not because they hurt, (they don't) but because I'm so afraid of needles!