Yandere Simulator: Mask

Yandere Simulator: Mask

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Phoenix By TheMissingPhoenix Updated Sep 17

I have lived in this despicable world for too long...and yet I keep enduring it... I am surrounded by pitiful humans who all like to put on a doll face for others to see in order to gain positive attention. In the sea full of fakes and liars, accessories and masks, I have lost hope to see the other side...until he came. I tried to look into him...and all I see...is his true self...


~Inspired by the game, "Yandere Simulator"...~

Editor: CheshireCatSam

Very nice; even better than His Words with nice imagery and a great explanation of Ayano's personality. By the way, the martial arts uniform is known as a gi.
Wait what!?! They get a ten minute break? That's so not fair, I only get a four minute one...😢
Not bad at all. I'm hoping to see even more of your thorough backstories. Perhaps I'll even learn why Info-Chan hates Osana.
I really like this so far, it's just a little irritating that you (I believe accidently) switch between past and present... Try to improve that, so that this is even better :3