I'll Always Protect You (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

I'll Always Protect You (Jacksepticeye X Reader)

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~•Jack and Ayden•~ By Forgotten_Melody Completed

When Jack said he'd protect you he never thought it'd be from himself...

Can you be his savour?

Can you love his other side?

</This is based slightly off of ghost rider just the main idea not the story/>

NerdyCat05 NerdyCat05 Aug 14
There is a glitch so that I cant see the first page of like any story and its making me so mad rn
Uh..does this happen every day? If so, I think we have a problem
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dark-angle-knight dark-angle-knight Oct 03, 2016
I know how she must feel my ex said he wouldnt hurt me and would protect me but he cheated on me which hurt and didn't protect me when I got jumped. I kicked his sorry little ass and now he's ma slave MUAHAHAHAHA
When i wrote my first fanfic i wrote alot more than this but i like it so far
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