Precious Little Pet (Underfell!Sans X Reader)

Precious Little Pet (Underfell!Sans X Reader)

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Red Hearts By Marastia Updated Oct 28

Picture is not mine. Source unknown 

This is an X Reader book, none of the characters are mine. All credit for characters goes to Toby Fox. All I own is the writing. 

You wake up in a patch of flowers and befriend Flowey, a shy little golden buttercup. You're eventually found by Toriel but after a series ever of unfortunate events you end up in snowdin...

What happened next? Need more details? Read and you'll find out! 

Thanks a bunch!

Luna_Cat001 Luna_Cat001 Aug 18
Aww Flowey aww you're so cute *hugs Flowey* I think I like the Underfell Flowey then the UnderTale Flowey
Phosec Phosec Nov 25
I know why he's scared
                              He thought I was gonna give him the BOOT
                              (I'm not the only one right? Right?!)
He told you to hide because he saw an authors note 😂😂 that's what it said in my min😄
Oh God! Not an authors note! Omg save us!!!! Why did she ha to see that?!?
LilyDayMoon LilyDayMoon Apr 30
Dose anyone else see underfell frisk as a green soul instead of red ,I also see a lot of the readers in these fanfics  having green souls to
How did I get from the depressing song, to the song known as "better when I'm dancing." The most happy song I know XD