Of Fallacies And Fate

Of Fallacies And Fate

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Aiman By AbstractMadness Updated Sep 06

Highest Ranking : #6th in Spiritual (31/05/2016)
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A cute romantic journey of a girl who struggles against her past and a guy who is battling his own demons. 
But what's the fun without the complications of fate & faith
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Samairah's life unfolds with a plethora of unimaginable circumstances and irrefutable drama.

And to top it all, it comes back again to one specific person.  The person she was always running away from.

For someone who believes in fate that much, how could the universe conspire such co incidences against her this way.

But this is not just a story about love. This is a story about her faith. It took her a lot to find herself , now, will she be able to hold onto it?

Specially when she didn't come from a very practising Islamic household, when she was brought up in very indifferent atmosphere in the aspect of religion. 

This is a practical story. The highs and lows in our Emaan. Its very easy to lose our way in this wretched world.

The question is will Samairah lose her way too?

Mubaarakah Mubaarakah May 27
There are happy and sad endings..its just life's way of teaching us lessons
Just imagined Coca Cola saying that to Pepsi 😂 @thatmaryam I think this is the after effect of that guest lecture
amazing... those words!!! depicting the colors in emotions!!!
SisLove30 SisLove30 May 25
And now I can't wait to read this story. Love reading such stories ❤
BismaTanvir BismaTanvir Aug 17
For me its always about the journey ... Endings had always been a bittersweet reality .... Happiness and the sadness at the same time as I climaxed a beautiful journey ; a story...
samaiiraa samaiiraa May 22
Hi dear author. Seems I can't use my message board or conversation board.  Wattpad kp telling mecto check my enail add. But I can't b bothered. I just love reading n because heroine name is Samairah I will defo read ur story. **