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The Rules of The Werewolf

The Rules of The Werewolf

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chica_2016 By chica_2016 Completed

Werewolves are mysterious creatures that are very hard to understand, right? This is not a story, but a guide to help all of you confused readers- and will also help you enjoy not only werewolves better, but their stories as well! Enjoy! (Also a good reference if you are planning on writing a werewolf book(:

Shinyreader123 Shinyreader123 Feb 16, 2016
I'm trying to write a Werewolf book and I know the basics but I need to get more Information to write a great story.
NCC74656NCC1701D NCC74656NCC1701D Jun 13, 2016
So, this is not depending on a... TV-Series or something like that? Because I don't really know much about these shows but lots about werewolves, and I wanna write a Werewolf-Story, and I'm not sure about what is a copy of Teen Wolf or Twilight and what is really my own thing...
WhiteWhisperingWind WhiteWhisperingWind Aug 29, 2015
YES! xD i have found a guide... thank you sooo much author..... its so annoying when no one gets the fact you NEED to know this stuff.
sevtherat sevtherat Jul 26, 2015
hello. im recently interested in werewolves. thank you this a good reference
lovellgrant9 lovellgrant9 Feb 11, 2015
I would like a mermaid on the cover too since they will be fighting over a mermaid
lovellgrant9 lovellgrant9 Feb 05, 2015
hi chica.I need a book much would it cost (love your books