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Severus Snape x reader (reborn love)

Severus Snape x reader (reborn love)

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Spider Queen By PinkiePielol Updated Apr 20

You are the reborn version of Snape's long lost love Lily Potter. Your in potions class during fourth year when Snape takes a permanent youth potion, making him the same age as you. You don't know that the girl you are reborn as is a  witch of many talents. You are a Animagus, you can speak Parselmouth and you can see the future in you dreams. Snape is removed as the potions teacher and is replaced with professor Solemn, who is very strict, if possible, stricter then Snape. You find yourself thinking about Snape more often as the days go by, and you find yourself falling for Severus more then or original self had...

Demonspawn11 Demonspawn11 Sep 05, 2016
You call that perverted? Hahahahahahahaha just wait till you see my group chat. It's named "Whale Condoms"
Crying_and_Hiding Crying_and_Hiding Sep 14, 2016
I KNOW YOU FROM SCHOOL!!!!!! Ammulight sounds just like someone *cough* you *cough* √(°•°√)
rainbowjuice849 rainbowjuice849 Oct 24, 2016
I was literally making people awkward and irrated earlier on the bus becuase of my dirty jokes XD
ʍaʏɮɛ ɨʄ ʏօʊ քʏt aʟʟ tɦat tօɢɦɛtɦɛʀ ʏօʊ'ʟʟ ɢɛt ɦօա ʍʊċɦ օʄ a քɛʀʋ ɨ am
Demonspawn11 Demonspawn11 Sep 05, 2016
Excuse me? Us, Slytherinss are far more than stuck up idiots, we only act proud because we earned the right to. If it weren't for 'famous Harry Potter' than Gryffindor would be nothing. Did you know that Merlin, possibly the greatest wizard of all time, came from Slytherin?
TrashInTheWind TrashInTheWind Dec 06, 2016
I wonder how many people are jerking off around the world right now? 😐