The New Boy [boyxboy]

The New Boy [boyxboy]

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Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary.

When Dexter moves in next door to Alex, things start to get complicated. Everyone Dexter meets seems to develop feelings for him, and even though he's straight, Alex can't help but start to fall for him.

These concerns he outlines in his brutally honest diary, while also dealing with his psychotic best friend Andie and his parents' divorce.

jehllio jehllio Sep 06
no one is commenting about the ice cream ???????? hope you melt in peace
WAIT! before I start reading this can you tell me if the main characters are virgins? I've been looking for a book where the bottom is a virgin since I'm a celibate but couldn't find one.
when you get caught stalking your new drop-dead-gorgeous neighbour:
tigerae tigerae Nov 13
That's my fuckn name (it's spelled differently) but wtf I've never seen a book EVER with my name
All the dashes and vote and comment thingy are 9-4 counting down now.