The Teachers Sex Slave

The Teachers Sex Slave

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bethanyparker008 By bethanyparker008 Updated Jan 01

"I like where this is headed" he said huskily.

I grinned and leant forward kissing him. I groaned as he fiercely kissed me back. His hands roaming over my body as our tongues fought for dominance. He won and I moaned as he roughly pushed me against the door, taking both my wrists with one hand and pinning them above my head.

He slid the other onto my hips pulling me even closer and I gasped as he rocked his hips slightly against mine.

"Noah i need" I groaned...

Noah Black is Lexi Green's new school teacher. Things start to get a little unprofessional and a deal is made. He tutors her, if she gives him some...benefits ;)  

What will happen when she is landed with a months worth of detention. One hour after school every day with her new least favourite teacher, what could go wrong?

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