Walk Slowly *will Be Delete Soon*

Walk Slowly *will Be Delete Soon*

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MPEL.H By MapelHann Completed

(Will be deleted soon) 

Park Jinyoung, his love was rejected by his own best friend or better yet as his senior,  Mark Yi En Tuan. Then Jinyoung's parents arranged a marriage for him with their friend's son. What will happen when that person is Mark itself. 

This is a Malay drama and novel 'Jauh Dari Cinta' inspired fiction but I did change some bits here and there for a suitable situation, events and culture. 
© Plot belongs to the owner of the novel. 
© I do not own any of the characters used even though I want to own *cough* MarkTuan *cough* so bad. 

I change this fiction name Breathless to Walk Slowly for better.

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Juniorie Juniorie May 06, 2017
Just asking, is english you're native language? No offense but it's probably not you're native language right?
smja111 smja111 Jul 03, 2017
Ikr y must u come when she is not around. Y did u choose her then
Igot7_crybaby Igot7_crybaby Jun 19, 2016
no I will not help you, you're gonna marry junior and like it ;-;
kinderziall kinderziall Jan 16, 2017
Haah ? wow this is how typical malays type in their texts or chats 😂
TrinityBelle3 TrinityBelle3 Aug 19, 2016
I've never  read an arranged marriage book between the same gender before... IM EXCITED
MerrianaJoy MerrianaJoy Jul 31, 2016
Oh my god, im soooo happy you send me link. Im ready to reread this story