Unleashing the Beast Within // Stiles Stilinski

Unleashing the Beast Within // Stiles Stilinski

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tasha ^-^ By siimplytasha Updated Sep 01

Stiles Stilinski was never considered one of the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills (besides when the Nogitsune possessed him). But what if all along he was the most powerful of beings? 

When Stiles is kicked out of the pack the Dread Doctors come to town after receiving a list with every supernatural creature listed on it. Scott's pack, as strong as they are, cannot defeat the Dread Doctors and the Beasts they make. 

Stiles must use the powers he's been hiding his entire life to save his friends; his pack. 

Although some friends may be lost along the way, the people of Beacon Hills will be saved.

((Also in this story, Sheriff Stilinski's first name is John.))

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