Princess of the Elements (Sirius Black love story)(ON HOLD)

Princess of the Elements (Sirius Black love story)(ON HOLD)

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HARRY POTTER FAN By froggyasthmatic Updated May 19

Alexandra Hart. A intelligent, charming and stubborn girl. Her parents died when she was 10 and she had to look after her little sister Emily since. They have been out of contact for 5 years and the Ministry has been trying to find them but can't until now. They get tracked down and go to Hogwarts. Alexandra is in her fifth year with a certain group of boys. She meets the Marauders and soon become friends with them and a certain red head. Will one of the boys be more than just friends? Will her new friends leave her when they found out her darkest secret.

Sorry not the best at descriptions. 

Start: 15/03/16

All rights go to J K Rowling except my own characters.

I think Andrew Garfield would be a good person to be Remus and the same for Jamie Bell as Peter.