Naruto - The Secrets

Naruto - The Secrets

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Naru was neglected by her family at the age of 4 the night of the attack. what happens when the hokage sent her on a mission as his most trust worthly Anbu... yes he sent the head of anbu on a mission.... to protect his children in the academy. what happens when he finds out who she is and what is this village of hers?

Read more to find out what happens.

Kakashi x Naru

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Significant_Otter Significant_Otter Dec 20, 2017
Me: *rushing into hospital* Somebody please! Get me a doctor!
                              Doctor: Set the patient on the table. What seems to be the problem?
                              Me: Its the head of the Hyuuga clan sir!
                              Doctor: What?! What happened?
                              Me: He was at a meeting and he suddenly started showing signs of being a-a-a-A-AA little b*tch.
LottieWoods73 LottieWoods73 Jun 25, 2017
Its so fuckin like minato to say "sir" even when bein a little bitch lmao
RodinaSalem RodinaSalem Apr 23, 2017
Ummm. I speak Arabic. This says it is time to spill the truth. Which is kind of weird in Arabic. Like spilling a liquid? I don't know how to explain it more than that.
miyukiSnow12 miyukiSnow12 Oct 04, 2017
I screamed ryuk when I read it thinking that you brought him in for no reason from death note 😂😂😂😂
misspikachu688 misspikachu688 Jul 28, 2017
Why do you think you are going there you are going to hell 😏😏
Don’t worry you’re not going there but I’m sure Satan can do the beatings too