Infinite Clarity

Infinite Clarity

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dani By modernism Updated May 15, 2014

"I hate you! Why don't you just pack your bags and leave? I don't want you here! I've never wanted you here!" I yelled, pounding my fists on his chest, my voice rising with every word. I was on the verge of tears. My heart was beating too fast to be healthy at our proximity, and we were both gasping for air after our yelling match. I tried to pull my hands away from him, but his tight, secure grip on my wrists was too strong. It bothered me to an extreme length that even when I was pissed off at him, he still managed to make a tingly and electrifying sensation ignite where his hands were.

            His dark, disheveled hair slightly moved in the night's chilly wind. He looked hurt, but at the moment I didn't care. His jaw was clenched, his eyes were penetrating me, and his voice was low and raspy as he said, "We both know that's a lie, and if I did, you would miss me too much." 
           And I hated how true he was.

            *             *            *

            Adrienne Clark.    

She didn't expect a lot of things. Especially:         
1. Her father getting into a relationship after her mother's death.     
2. A step mom.     
3. Luke and Charlotte Pierce as her new housemates. Or uninvited guests that were staying with her, as she would prefer.

            These three things changed her, in more ways than she could have anticipated, more than she could have thought. But out of all of them, Luke was the one that changed her the most. With his arrogant and cocky demeanor, he was the last person she would have expected to have the ability to make her heartbeat spike with just one glance. And it living with the him didn't help one bit.

            Hate, Love, Hormones, and Heartbreak. They're all a pain.    

{sporadically harsh language & slow updates}   

© 2013, all rights reserved.   (which means steal or I will come to your house and gouge your eyes out with a rusty spoon)

Authoritative Authoritative Jun 03, 2016
Looking good already 
                              I would say more but I'm so pumped to read, man
aliaswallflower aliaswallflower May 30, 2016
i love this "draft" i mean it isnt one but i dont know a better word for it maybe intro
ineffabley ineffabley Apr 12, 2015
ohhhh this is a pretty good beginning c: I like how the way you describe things and how I barely see any grammar errors [lol teach meh your ways xD] <3 this story sounds really interesting already and i can't wait to read on c:
heartsick heartsick Apr 11, 2015
oh, this sounds interesting, im already hooked. amazing intro! and i love how you described everything, im so adding this to my library. x
inspiringhearts inspiringhearts Apr 11, 2015
Wow, this is amazing already. As soon as I heard the first sentence I knew I was gonna love it because it seriously grabbed my attention right then! This sounds awesome and I'm totally looking forward to reading the first chapter.
-bibliosmia -bibliosmia May 05, 2014
I like the introduction! It makes me want to read more! Maybe I will!