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Watching miraculous Ladybug

Watching miraculous Ladybug

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Rsadventures By Rsadventures Updated Apr 27, 2016

I think the title says it all.
The 2 first episodes

1.episode 25 
2.Episode 26
I'll try to write all the episodes!
I got this idea from one and only:@showedtime

fangirlfreak777 fangirlfreak777 Nov 27, 2016
Fuys? Nobbed?
                              Dudes. We NEED to start a secret trend. So we can recognize other fangirls with the fangirl language.
riverjohns riverjohns Nov 20, 2016
So did everyone ignore her when she said she already fights back?
IceCreamIsLifeBruh IceCreamIsLifeBruh Nov 09, 2016
Its miraculous Miracle stones are what theyre based off and it would be copyright? idk Thomas Astruc said not t use miracle stones yannknow I'm just saying incase you didnt Know ;P
Its good so far but still the grammar is wrong ,but i really like it
fangirlfreak777 fangirlfreak777 Nov 27, 2016
That seriously happens to me all the dam time
                              Not even joking
RoseKathyranWrites RoseKathyranWrites Oct 25, 2016
Its " Absolute power " and this auther is creating thier own script