Claim My Heart Alpha

Claim My Heart Alpha

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Azra By Azzyy99 Updated 13 hours ago

She didn't know the feeling of being loved by someone, how it feels when someone cares for you.

All she had was bad memories, a broken soul and an abusive father. A father who was meant to love and protect her from all the bad things but all he did was made her feel unwanted and tortured her.

Everything changed when HE came in her life.

He wants nothing else but HER and he will do anything to make her HIS.

"Your eyes, your lips, your heart, every fiber of your body is MINE sweetheart and i'm not letting you go anywhere."

P.S. Please give it a try!!!

I like the questions. Makes the reader really want to read it. It worked for me, lol
Wait. How did you do the cast? please tell me.. I'll follow you.