The bosses daughter 2

The bosses daughter 2

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"I had to do what I had to do Tre . I stole the diamonds to save my mom I wanted to put her in a rehad my father wasn't giving me the money I saw the diamonds and I didn't think twice. That night I got my mom to come by . I was going to talk her into going to rehab. She was so high she wasn't getting what the fuck I was saying. My dad came home and raised all types of hell. He even started laying hands on her. Something he promised he never do. I blacked out and next thing I know my father was dead and my mom was gone. I covered it up SAMs over heard me that night praying that's how he knew. He threatened me if I didn't give him the diamonds that he was going to tell you . I couldn't lose you Tre your the only person left that I trusted. So I have him two diamonds but then he started asking for more sex and head . I had to do something look I'm sorry but I just did what I had to do to survive . If you wanna kill me right now go ahead but I don't regret nothing I did nothing". 


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