Under Grand Hotel (Dark Ziall AU) [boyxboy]

Under Grand Hotel (Dark Ziall AU) [boyxboy]

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աaռҡɨռɢ ռɨaʟʟ's ɖɛaɖ ɮօɖʏ By MyIrishOne Updated Apr 30

Under Grand Hotel is the inmate's name for a prison in US. 

 Niall Horan is an Irish guy who has been imprisoned after killing his lover's husband. 

Zayn is the leader of the prison. Niall need Zayn's for protection.

But can a love story work in prison?

nikawjka nikawjka Aug 30
there's a japanese manga with the same name also a bl story read it years ago
Why would someone do that? Like, wtf, I'm not stupid I wouldn't go
Holy shït, Niall's killed his lover's husband?! That's all I need to know lol, great start! ;)
YAAAAASSSSS ! I can't wait, love. I love your writing and you're my favorite person here so I'm diggin' this already (:
Bleh188 Bleh188 Oct 20
I just had a thought: Niall's a murderer, yes? In the world(book world as well as real world) is that so bad to put Niall in a really bad place?