Please Don't Say You Love Me

Please Don't Say You Love Me

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Llama By _galliumyttrium Updated 3 days ago

Read the first book "Stop" before reading this. 

"Sequel to "Stop"

G!p you

Cover by slothtato

I still don't understand happened with lauren? Like literally! I'm fvcking pissed
Omg r u freaking kidding so the author likes that show well I don't and I want Lauren and I back together for fucks sake
Can I meet Alycia in Canada in real life? Thanks God, you'll be doing me a solid
Bitch why you glaring at me you're the one that broke my heart😒
Omg stop! I hate this girl already remind me again why I'm dating her!?
It's funny cause I just finished reading an update of and Camila/you fic where Alycia is my new gf after Breaking up with Camila