Inamorata | Grillby X Reader

Inamorata | Grillby X Reader

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a person By SaffyDaffyDuck Updated Apr 12, 2017

Inamorata- noun; a person's female lover
After the monster war, everything seemed fine. Then one day, decades later, a human fell down Mt. Ebott. No one never heard from them again.
You had a terrible past. Your mother is a smokeaholic who barely makes enough money for you to live off of, and lately, you were suspended form school for sticking up for yourself... just a bit too much.

So what do you do?

You decide to run away, and get yourself in more trouble than you could imagine, involving a deadly demon, two skeleton brothers, an overprotective goat mother, an overdetermined fish, an incredibly smart reptile, a lonesome goat king, a famous robot, and the monster of fire himself.

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ShawntaLee ShawntaLee May 05
So true i went from a San's fangirl to a Grillby's 😍😝😂
Sarah_Sans_Sister Sarah_Sans_Sister Jul 25, 2017
Ugh. Listen. Whatever you do, don't sell a girl's phone or diary.
                              They wouldn't be able to factory reset their phone to keep people from getting information.
                              Some random person knows all her secrets because you sold her diary.
                              Worst mom ever
PannyRay PannyRay Jun 02, 2017
                              She's seeming to be the perfect edgy teenager.
                              'i hate you' and all that jazz.
Tree_Mommy Tree_Mommy Aug 01, 2016
There is a bitch named Stephanie where I go to school so this honestly fuels my "hatred"
Tree_Mommy Tree_Mommy Aug 01, 2016
Did I her earlobe open...cuz it honestly sounds like something I would do
anewnebula anewnebula Jul 27, 2016
Mwehehehe I need to peirce my ears again. But then again, the last time i put in earrings, one tore through my earlobe, and the other flew off, leaving its attaching piece unknowingly stuck inside my earlobe for over three months.