Various Male!Reader One-Shots

Various Male!Reader One-Shots

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Silent-senpai By Dubstep4444 Updated Aug 25

                                                                       Reader's P.O.V

   'Wow when Feli said he couldn't skate he really meant it.' I thought while sweat dropping at the sight of Feli clinging onto his brother, Lovino, for help but he kept trying to shove him away.

   We were at a skating rink in    (C/N) with Axis and the Bad Touch Trio since the others were busy with other things and it seemed that not many of them knew how to skate or properly skate, other than Kiku he looked like he's done this a million times since he was skating with grace and Francis keeps skating over to girls just to flirt with them. I was at benches tying my (F/C) skates on, along with Ludwig who was shivering like crazy. 

"You ok there Ludwig? you look like a Chihuahua." I ask with a small smile as I brush some (H/C) locks from my face he looks up and says 

    "No I'm fine, thanks for your concern (M/N)." he than gets up and slowly makes his was over to Kiku who was in the rink. I fi...

Fungun101 Fungun101 Apr 13, 2016
I really love your writing! Any chance you could do Tails or Bowser?