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I'm gay, cunt By charisktrash Completed

It's been four long years since Frisk saved Chara. Chara had tried to thank the child by helping them rid and keep away the Anti-Monster cult members, but it didn't seem enough. Frisk finds a way to thank them in return for not trying to kill anyone these past four years by giving them a gift they would never forget.

There will be hints of sin. If the sin hasn't been fulfilled, that is. <:

Created: March 15th, 2016.

Second book: Determination
Underfell AU: Save

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SaniSaiSai SaniSaiSai Feb 06
Hey, can I translate this work into Russian, indicating the original author and the link?
CJBenedek CJBenedek Jun 04, 2017
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Random-_-username Random-_-username Aug 03, 2017
Props😂😂😂 its like its a video game and your like "GG its ok maybe you want kill th next time"