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Yandere! Brother X Brother! Reader

Yandere! Brother X Brother! Reader

10K Reads 555 Votes 4 Part Story
J By jbanimefreak Updated 3 days ago

Weak and useless you lived on with your life. Unable to defend yourself you were easily beaten down. Life was harsh for you but you seemed to manage. With your twin brother by your side all the pain seem to subside. Or that's what you thought. He protected you when you couldn't but one day this boy of white was covered in red...

     (Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music if there is any)

PervertedTrash PervertedTrash Oct 08, 2016
Plz update soon I love the story and cant wait for more 😍
RosieIsACrybaby RosieIsACrybaby 2 days ago
I hate men that think there so superior I wanna live in the age where women rule where were higher ranked than men or at least the same rank
llamacornishere llamacornishere Dec 19, 2016
Is anchalata lecherous a boy name cuz that's what I chose 😂😂
Libsteroni Libsteroni Nov 09, 2016
Technically, it would be 8 months for twins. 7 for triplets. One less month for every baby you have
Isduck Isduck Dec 19, 2016
what if your name is already al?
                              mine isint but it would be funny
JC-sama JC-sama Oct 06, 2016
Carmen... That's mah grandma's name... and my name is Carmel....