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Fixing The Scatter [boyxboy]

Fixing The Scatter [boyxboy]

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Jen By SkeneKidz Completed

Jude Tibbits doesn't mind having a reputation for being an evil bastard; he enjoys being cunning and cruel. He doesn't, however, enjoy being heartbroken. Which is exactly how he's left when his boyfriend Gideon breaks up with him and begins to despise him. All he wants is to get Gideon back. Staz Montgomery has no interest in the wealthy world of his parents. He'd rather just be left alone to his art, up to his elbows in chalk and paint. All he wants is to focus on his art. But after an unexpected run-in with each other afterschool one day, Jude and Staz realize that they don't always get what they want.

i just noticed that if you didn't read the other books this would be confusing
jesus this highkey makes me cringe cuz like i could never be so much as a tad bit disrespectful to my mom like that she would whoop my ass
I want to not like will so much  in this book cuz then ill hate jude n i wanna give him a chance
EmOticon360 EmOticon360 Jun 12
Oh look at that, even cruel and seemingly heartless bullies have a heart after all. It is ironic that Jude goes on about proper decorum when he is busy terrorizing his school peers on the side. Very selfish and self contradictory, hopefully he'll change.
My parents..I just say no and read on wattpad the rest of the day
Fun fact: I was playing wall ball in middle school and someone threw it really hard and it hit the wall and I was standing next to the wall and it hit me in the nose and it bled for like 30 mins that was fun