G.B.F [Brashton & Lashton AU]

G.B.F [Brashton & Lashton AU]

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Angie By Larry_Lashton Updated Sep 04

"So, what's the problem?"

"I think my boyfriend is gay and I need your help."

Ashton and Bryana have been dating for nearly three years and as soon as they're engaged, Bryana starts questioning his sexuality. With the wedding only a couple months away, she has her friend and a fellow gay model help her test her fiance's sexuality, not realizing Luke will start to fall for Ashton along the way.

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ashflxtchr ashflxtchr Sep 17
HAHAHAHAHAHA I have never seen a picture of Ashton compliment this plot so much. Love it
I'm so used to straight smut but I don't mind gay smut at all
Idk how people ship Lashton AND Brashton..it's kind of weird to me tbh idk how people do it...(i am genuinely curious on how people ship both)
I feel as if I write larzaylea is cute aswell I'll get a shît storm so
-yxxth -yxxth Nov 10
tbh if i wouldnt be lashton af i would be brashton af... they were so qt
"Dumb male mistress" half of me feels bad for Luke and the other half is dying at the moment