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The Mafia Boss's Princess

The Mafia Boss's Princess

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TheRavenProphet By TheRavenProphet Updated Mar 02

*MATURE* Valentine is a 22-year-old little who enjoys coloring, reading, and watching Disney movies. She was originally living in a foster home under the care of Mrs. Carson in secret, since she was supposed to be kicked out at the age of eighteen. But when Mr. Carson finds out that Valentine was living under his roof without him knowing he is furious and decides to sell her off in a BDSM auction. Slaves, submissives, kittens, and littles alike are all collected at this auction to be sold to Dominants with the right amount of money. Valentine was immediately put into the 'Little' room, but she felt a bit out of place. Why you may ask? Well she is the oldest Little there! Not physically oldest, no, but the oldest in little space. All the other littles (a few being quite bratty) seemed to be into ABDL with a little space from 1-5 while she is about 5-7. While all the other littles are sucking on pacifiers and wearing diapers she sits in a corner with her bunny stuffie in her arms. All these baby littles are so cute, who would want a big girl like her? Imagine her surprise when it's her turn and the winning bid is 2.3 million dollars in cash!

Vittore Salvatici is a mafia boss attending the BDSM auction in hopes of finding his own little girl. Although with his looks, power, and money he didn't have to buy a little for himself, but after having too many brats, babies, and vindictive gold diggers coming to him the auction seemed to be the best option. After watching so many submissives, slaves, and littles come and go Vittore is ready to fucking get up and leave...until he sees the shy, innocent, and adorable Valentine.

I love BDSM because I love the feeling of being dominated. Being forced to obey just make me so happy for some strange reason lol
I would LOVE to be sold,but probably more as a submissive then a little. Not entirely sure
KJuette KJuette Jan 31
I like the fact that I HAVE to trust my Daddy. And the way he cares for me. Always making sure I'm fed and that I feel okay. He's the best😍😍
KJuette KJuette Jan 31
I would love to be sold.... But only to my daddy. I don't think he'd be very happy if someone else are to buy me
Faralau Faralau Mar 02
maybe tbh tho i wouldnt be willing to give up maih frands..espically maih bestie
My crush likes a guy names Seth. Is this a sign?? I think so!....😄😁