Forcefully (Kylo Ren X Reader)

Forcefully (Kylo Ren X Reader)

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Wild Card ♢ By ReyxSolo Completed

Your fiance General Hux was a bit of a drinker. You always just passed that off as his extra work and how hard that could be as a person. Them his sex addiction started as it started to effect your life as well when he started to hurt you. 

What happends when you are forced to be with such a bad man and a newer face shows up? 

  Warnings: Contains future smut and foul language! You have been warned!


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StonefaceTyler StonefaceTyler Oct 12, 2016
The only person from the first order coming into my house is kylo ren
You know, I'd rather be with Phasma, I'm female and I'm definetly straight, That's how much I'd trade my relationship with you right now
JeevasWasInnocent JeevasWasInnocent Sep 18, 2016
I'm about to kill this stupid son of a - 
                              *gets held down by reader-chan*
la-la-lara la-la-lara Jul 31, 2016
OH!! I would just kill Hux if he was around here... And I used to like him XD.