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Leaving For the Better - Naruto Neglect Fic

Leaving For the Better - Naruto Neglect Fic

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Alex Hammy, the $10 bill By LuvKitties1414 Completed

When he was born, Naruto's parents were supposed to die, but what if they didn't?
        What if Naruto had two sisters, and was the oldest triplet?
        What if they thought one of his sisters was the Child of Prophecy, and they thought wrong?
        What if his youngest sister was trained to "keep him at bay"?
        What if Naruto was ignored?
        What if Naruto couldn't handle it?
        What if he left, along with his cousin and a certain Hyuuga?
        What if he never came back?
        What if he met others like him? People that are Jinchuuriki, people who are ignored, people who were wanted dead.
        What if they helped him?
        If only they were a bunch of 'What if's.
        Naruto Uzumaki, son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and the Leaf's Red Hot Habanero, Kushina Uzumaki, and vessel of the Nine Tails, is ignored by his parents, made fun of by his triplet sisters, and is beaten by the villagers. He withstands it for seven years, then decides he can't take it anymore. Two of the only people who he cares about comes with him, while he promises to his little brother, Menma, that he'll come back for him someday.
        His cousin, Heiwa Uzumaki, is ten years older than him, and is the only one who protects him. After her father Daku Uchiha was killed by an unknown cause when she was one, and her mother, Kushina's sister, Kibo Uzumaki, was slaughtered in the Kyuubi attack when she was ten, Heiwa moves in with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. She too is ignored, but not to the same level as Naruto.
        Menma Uzumaki is Naruto's younger brother, and the only one in their family who cares for him other than Heiwa. He was born the same day, but two years later. He loves his brother, and helps Heiwa treat him after he comes home from beatings.

_-amour-_ _-amour-_ Jun 29
dO YoU wAnT tO HaVe A bAd tImE? CaUsE I wOnT mInD gIvInG yOu iT
_Heartless_Soul_13 _Heartless_Soul_13 Jun 07, 2016
Ah yes the infamous dead end that is in every Naruto fanfiction......has anyone else noticed that though?
blackbloodshadow blackbloodshadow Nov 21, 2016
That sounds like me in school when i snap( i attack everything in range and may put you in the hospital)