My Daddies

My Daddies

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TheirKitten By TheirKitten Updated Sep 09, 2016

Zayn is just a normal, 16 year old. He graduated high school early, so he lives by himself. 

He all innocence. There isn't anything about him that's not innocent. Except for the one tattoo he has on his arm that some friends of his made him get when he was 14. He goes to college. He's a straight A student.  He's never gotten into any kind of trouble before. 

And then his friends drag him to a club. A gay club, to be exact. A club where older men go. 

When he goes, 4 men in their mid-20s take a liking to Zayn. They get him, drunk, drag him away from his friends, and into their car, where they take him home. Zayn, not know what sex is, because he is also, a virgin, gets mixed up with the 4 men as a pleasure toy, but they also give him love and anything he wants. 

And he doesn't regret it one bit.

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bizexual bizexual Apr 01, 2016
I've never seen dick sizes included in the little author's notes, but hey, I'm not complaining xD  Also, love the idea for the story. Innocent Zayn is everything <3