The ALPHA's my... MATE!(Watty's 2016)

The ALPHA's my... MATE!(Watty's 2016)

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Book #1 of the 'The/My -----'s My... MATE!' Series.

"You're mine," He growled as he sunk his teeth into my neck. All I could do was moan. I was his and he was mine. He started licking around my mark and I moaned his name. All this seemed to do was turn him on even more. He ripped off my bra and on instinct I moved my hands to cover up my exposed breast. He growled even louder than before and moved my hands. "Those are mine, you don't hide them. All of you is mine." He said and started kissing my breast. 
"And you're all mine." I purred in his ear and he ripped my underwear to shreds. 

Winter and Kyle. The Alpha and Luna of the 'Blood Moon Pack' the most feared packs in the U.S. Their relationship is filled with love, fights, ups, and down. But most important. They belong to each other. 

Warning: Mature content. read at your own risk but I will let you know when it is in there.

staycalm117 staycalm117 Jul 07, 2016
Hey that's a bitch move to reject your mate just cz he was born an alpha 😑😑😊😑
RomanReigns__ RomanReigns__ Nov 29, 2016
Look this is were people go wrong. You don't just slap someone because you mad. If he did this to her everyone would be mad. Stop trying to be bad ass because there are other ways than that. If a man shouldn't hit a woman then vice versa