New Love (CDV x Reader)

New Love (CDV x Reader)

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@ruaa_shaan made my cover

Book 1 of 2

You are the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. 

That's really all I can say before I spoil the whole book.

There is a SEQUEL!!! And it's out! Look in my works for "Turning Back"!


Mint Green, white, gray, Gryffindor's red and gold, Slytherin's green and silver, Hufflepuff's yellow and black, and Ravenclaw's blue and brown. And neon colors. Gosh that's a lot.
CaptainCanteloupe CaptainCanteloupe Dec 12, 2016
How does one attract this many edge lords? Black and Red everything.
Salad_Phangers Salad_Phangers Oct 01, 2016
Crimson! The one time my hair colour fits with the story! (Yes I write colour with a u, I'm Canadia)
rEb0rN_pAnDa rEb0rN_pAnDa Dec 24, 2016
Short tempered? You have my personality perfect with just two words
blackcat2995 blackcat2995 Nov 10, 2016
Name Silver rose 
                              First favorite black 
                              Second favorite red 
                              Hair color black
Spot on! (That's me in a nutshell. The only description smaller than that is calling me "wolf girl" because I always act like a wolf.)