New Love (CDV x Reader)

New Love (CDV x Reader)

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@ruaa_shaan made my cover

You are the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. 

That's really all I can say before I spoil the whole book.

There is a SEQUEL!!! And it's out! Look in my works for "Turning Back"!


Crimson! The one time my hair colour fits with the story! (Yes I write colour with a u, I'm Canadia)
Name Silver rose 
                              First favorite black 
                              Second favorite red 
                              Hair color black
I grew up in the ghetto now I'm in the city, sooo FIGHT ME BOO
Queen of hearts is actually good watch the movie Alice in the wonderland:through the looking glass
First black second dark violet red third dark pink then the rest is a little bit of blue 😂😂 I ruined my hair