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Conquest (Agents of SHIELD)

Conquest (Agents of SHIELD)

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Mary Jane By MJ_Nuggets Updated Oct 15, 2016

I do not own Agents of SHIELD--nor most of the characters of the television series (of which include Phillip Coulson, Melinda May, Grant Ward, Sky, Fitz-Simmons, etc). However, Analeigh Coulson belongs strictly to me. 

This is based on the first season of "Agents of SHIELD" and is the first book in my "Conquest" series. It begins on the fourth episode of the season; so if you have not seen the first few episodes, I would suggest it. 


  Distrust. Destruction--that is all that is left of the Chitauri War of 2012--a war that had almost ended the world. SHIELD's secrets have finally come to light for the public. The organization and their dirty work is out in the opened--distrusted by the government and its people, no longer masked by the wall of shadows that once corrupted our minds. A (classified) man of SHIELD began to gather a team of qualified individuals--where they could work in the shadows and hide things that they aren't ready to hear. 


 Date of Death: December 25th, 2006--Time: 1:02am--or as it was written in the files. Another death of which SHIELD personnel shrugged off their shoulders; except one. The truth is out there, buried so deep in files and technicalities that the company thought no one could find the truth about what happened on that tragic mission. But Phillip Coulson isn't just anybody. 

She protects him everyday, even if he doesn't know it. She watches out for him, and makes sure he's safe. 

"The light died in me that day, Phil. And I can't bring it back." 

His kind eyes only smiled at me, "Of course we can. We just need a lighter."

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