Future Past: Death The Kid X Reader

Future Past: Death The Kid X Reader

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SydneyWorth123 By SydneyWorth123 Completed

You've moved into Death City, and it's your first day! You and your partner Dante have been together almost your entire lives, you see each other as brother and sister.

You hate your past and you try your hardest to forget it. Your mother died when you were very young and your father... Well you never talk about him

Your past is a mystery to anyone you meet. But what happened when you grow feelings for Lord Deaths Son? Should you trust him with your past? Your secrets? 

What will happen when people from your childhood, one of them from when your mother was alive, re appears?

What will you choose? 
The past?
The future?

Extras: Your are 16+ in this book for alcohol purposes.

creepyfun creepyfun Dec 05, 2016
I would be but my hair is parted a fourth on an inch to the left and I can't make it centered
IT'S THE SUPREME GOD OF ALL NUMBERS!!! ITS SYMMETRY IS UNMATCHABLE!!!! *sees the number 7* I CAN'T GO ON!!! *cries in the corner*
ThisCrazyFanGrell ThisCrazyFanGrell Dec 15, 2016
I really hate 8 for some weird reason... it just seriously drives me crazy...
ThisCrazyFanGrell ThisCrazyFanGrell Dec 15, 2016
I am not symmetrical at all... I have a ton of scars on my right side and my hair is parted in a weird way and don't even get my started on my clothes!
XReaderMadness XReaderMadness Dec 08, 2016
Patty is talking about Giraffes while Dante is like uhhhh okay
Death_Astrid Death_Astrid Dec 01, 2016
                              even in bed