Illusion |A Marauder's Era FanFiction|

Illusion |A Marauder's Era FanFiction|

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We're Broken People By Im-Still-Dreaming Updated Sep 03

"If you look into a mirror, what do you see?"

Esme Lark, a 4th year Griffindor, is a Metamorphagus, meaning she can alter her appearance. She's been bullied for her oddities since her first year, and since then she's always been living behind a mask. She shifts her appearance all the time, and you can only tell it's her because she has the same haunted, piercing gold eyes. But even those are fake, like everything about her. She's worked so hard to built walls around her to protect herself. But a certain Marauder makes her realize that even those, too, are just an illusion.

Disclaimer: This is obviously a work of FanFiction (if you haven't gathered that already), so everything in this (except my original character(s), belongs to the fabulous J.K. Rowling!

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