King's Obsession | J.B |

King's Obsession | J.B |

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jeleky44 By jeleky44 Updated Jul 11

The Kingdom of Dondale was divided between two brothers. 

The East side of Dondale was peaceful and secure. East Dondale was ruled by King Dylan Bieber and his wife Queen Alice Bieber. The King and Queen have a 3 year old daughter named Kate and they are a loving couple. Citizens who live in East Dondale adore the King and Queen for their kindness and care for their people. 

In West Dondale it was the complete opposite. The West was ruled by King Justin Bieber who is the younger brother of King Dylan. He is heartless, ruthless and an arrogant man who shows no mercy to anyone. Many say that the power and bloodlust has gone to his head. He hates his brother Dylan, he envied his brothers life and has made it his goal to destroy him. But Justin was not always this hate driven monster people make him out to be. What if there was one person Justin couldn't resist that could change him. 

Scarlett Princeton. 

She is the kindest and most beautiful person to live in Dondale. She cares for everyone and would never hurt a fly. She is the most eligible bachelorette in the entire Kingdom but Scarlett has built up a wall to protect her heart. Many men have tried to break down her wall and have been unsuccessful. The reason being she has saved a place in her heart for a special someone. Hoping he would one day come back for her. What Scarlett didn't know was the person had their eyes on her for a while now and he is closing in on her...

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Taji14 Taji14 Jul 11
I feel like it weird to address your sister and brother-in-law like that
"SOON" I HATE WHEN JUSTIN SAY THAT WORD / if you are an og fan you will know what I mean ;)
I find it funny how all the comments say Jason McCann. While I think of Jason blossom😂😂
AnaHerrera0 AnaHerrera0 Jun 08
Finally a good descent story that give people the rights they deserved