Joshaya Pregnancy

Joshaya Pregnancy

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⚠️First Chapter Is a Smut⚠️

Maya and Josh are so expected yet unexpected at the same time. But can you imagine them together, with a BABY?

Maya and Josh have an intimate encounter. Maya gets pregnant soon after. Now she is exactly what she tried so hard not to be....16 and pregnant. Now she'll have to tell Josh. But she can't forget about her mother, and Riley.

What'll happen?

What'll be Josh's reaction?

Will he walk out?
Will he stay?

The big question is.....
Will Maya keep the baby? 
Abort it?
Or give it up for adoption?

Find out in the book.

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Omfg 13k?? Thank you guys so much. It means the world to me that you guys like the book. x ø x ø

Melissa13_ Melissa13_ Nov 11, 2016
Aww Farkle stop you are gonna end making me cry. You are just so precious
Oh Farkle..... Sweet sweet Farkle.... I love the story so far btw
TheOneAndOnlyKilljoy TheOneAndOnlyKilljoy Aug 28, 2016
Not so descriptive in the sex lol but for the start its great!
rowanville rowanville Aug 15, 2016
SarcasticandCrazy79 SarcasticandCrazy79 Oct 15, 2016
Oh it was definitely hard Riley hahaha I bet Riley knows what's up