Mabill Oneshots (SMUT)

Mabill Oneshots (SMUT)

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Cranberry By yrrebnarc Completed


{{Love isn't always a bed of roses. It's a dark pit of madness.}}

Collection of Mabill oneshots. Mostly Mabill.

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Godsamazingangel Godsamazingangel Jul 21, 2017
Hey hey hey!! I have  a feeling
                              that this is gunnna be ur favorite one yet!😉😉😉😉 👉👌 👉👌
Yaoi_Kiss Yaoi_Kiss Jul 26, 2017
Why Mabel and Bill so OOC?? YA KNO if this was a billdip this shīt would be kinky and actually good
Godsamazingangel Godsamazingangel Jul 21, 2017
Looks like Bills "LITTLE" friend will do all the thinking tonight...
myotpisreallyweird myotpisreallyweird Jul 26, 2017
Uhh, I was challenged to read this and... where is the torture? Why does Bill act like a bitch? And you know what? BILLDIP IS BETTER SUCKERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
yrrebnarc yrrebnarc Jun 17, 2016
wow... I did not know that this book would get reads at all. I just made it for fun...
AzBeMe AzBeMe Nov 16, 2016
Hard to believe! Really. As if he hasn't encountered /those/ dreams on other people's mindscape xD