Mabill Oneshots (SMUT)

Mabill Oneshots (SMUT)

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Cranberry By yrrebnarc Updated Dec 02


{{Love isn't always a bed of roses. It's a dark pit of madness.}}

Collection of Mabill oneshots. Mostly Mabill.

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Hey hey hey!! I have  a feeling
                              that this is gunnna be ur favorite one yet!😉😉😉😉 👉👌 👉👌
Yaoi_Kiss Yaoi_Kiss Jul 26
Why Mabel and Bill so OOC?? YA KNO if this was a billdip this shīt would be kinky and actually good
Looks like Bills "LITTLE" friend will do all the thinking tonight...
Uhh, I was challenged to read this and... where is the torture? Why does Bill act like a bitch? And you know what? BILLDIP IS BETTER SUCKERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
yrrebnarc yrrebnarc Jun 17, 2016
wow... I did not know that this book would get reads at all. I just made it for fun...
AzBeMe AzBeMe Nov 16, 2016
Hard to believe! Really. As if he hasn't encountered /those/ dreams on other people's mindscape xD