Isn't This Illegal (Student/Teacher/Werewolf Romance)

Isn't This Illegal (Student/Teacher/Werewolf Romance)

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Picture of Annabelle on the side>>>>> (Its Indiana Evans)

Annabelle's POV (Its Friday)

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, my hand comes slamming down on the button with a groan, turning it off. I throw the blankets off and swing my legs off the bed. Then walk over to my wardrobe, and pull out my glittery cookie monster shirt, frayed short shorts, undergarments.

 I walk into the bathroom, and put my clothes on the toilet seat before turning the shower on. I undress and hop into the it.


I pull my clothes over my head and dry my hair with a towel. I put a little bit of make-up on, and run a brush through my hair quickly. I grab my rainbow high-top converses and a pair of socks. Then sit down on my bed and pull them on.

Once I'm ready, I quickly grab my bag, I-pod, phone and a few other things. I walk downstairs, and into the kitchen. And if you're wondering, I live on my own, in a house with 5 floors, 20 rooms on each floor.

I grab an a...

Icekitty34572 Icekitty34572 Jun 13, 2016
Does he just swim in his undergarments or does he always have swim trunks on under his pants?
mariama3467 mariama3467 Aug 01, 2016
I like your story I think there's something going on with Anna and her step brother like sexsualy
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Mar 17, 2016
Were are in a werewolf book bro you can't just go around calling people mates here
Nevada_west Nevada_west Jul 30, 2015
*whispers* she's doesn't know she's dead and in a freakin hotel
Turtle_Daddy Turtle_Daddy Jun 24, 2015
ive read this book like 10 time seriously i cant get over how.....good this book is
Why even?! I would be renting those rooms and collecting all the coins!