The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

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Lydia Potter By lydiapotterx Updated Dec 12, 2016

Hunter just smirked at me in response. "If I do will you flash me?"

I scoffed. "In your dreams." 

Hunter shrugged, not making any attempt to stand up. "I've already seen them anyway." 

What? I wrinkled my nose in disgust. Pervert. 

"Have not." I told him and with that I shut my window and turned away to carry on with my studying. 

But instead of the dramatic exit I was hoping for, I heard a rip and the next second I was no longer wearing a top. 


I screamed and lunged for my top but I had shut it in the damn window. Meanwhile, Hunter was standing by his window laughing his ass off. 

"I have now doll face." Hunter said after he sobered up from his laughing fit. 

I groaned in defeat and ducked so that I couldn't be seen from the window. 

So much for a dramatic exit.


When the schools bad boy and player - Hunter Ryder - moves next door to the schools good girl that nobody ever noticed - Sasha Moore - she suddenly becomes popular. Sasha suddenly get lots of unwanted attention and when she makes friends with the Hunters popular friends she is forced to spend time with him as well. Follow their love, hate relationship as Hunter and Sasha become friends, enemy's, more than friends and enemy's again. Will it turn out ok in the end of will their jealously and problems get the best of them?

mi_rousseau mi_rousseau Jan 13
Because you have more confidence than me, and you are probably less lazy and won't forget about this book after a week like me.
XxThatXOnexX XxThatXOnexX Sep 10, 2016
Omg omg this reminds me of "its a boy girl thing" that's one of my favorite movies at first I wasn't sure but as soon as he said "if you flash me" it had to be him😭
Bugslug3 Bugslug3 Aug 04, 2016
I'm just going to go get my knife ready to go cut any hoes who dream about Za Efron.... HE'S MINE BITCHES 😂
Zack- I love y-
                              Me- ..Yams? Yarrow? Yellow? Yahoo? Yacks? Yarn? Yards?
It's funny that all the comments are about Zac and not the alarm clock.
He's funny, I would have punched him, like "You want to also see my fist?!?"