.:.Someone New.:. {Max X Reader}

.:.Someone New.:. {Max X Reader}

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That one weirdo :3 By TheSkyMediaFanclub Updated 7 days ago

You were Sky's ever so famous YT sister, finally going to see him and stay in the offices after graduating College. But as you venture further in the life of a daily YTer, you meet someone special.



Heyo! We (the whole of TheSkyMediaFanClub) are going to go round n round making new chaps!


I dont know I'm one of these people and I dont know I'm pretty sure its magic
I read so many max fanfics I don't even know if I read this already
My eyes in real life can be Blue, Gray, And Green. Cool right?
I guess...magic? Meh eye colour change like every other day so when ever someone is like "Hey what's ur eye colour?" I am like: "BOI I DONT KNOW CAUSE THEY FING CHANGE!!"
.....Best intro to a book I've ever seen. I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW! XD
One time my sister said "Hey your eyes are gray.." and I said "WHAT!!" She said "Calm down you get it from mom." The I said "Ok."