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Lady Noir (Ladybug X Chat Noir) (#Wattys2016)

Lady Noir (Ladybug X Chat Noir) (#Wattys2016)

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KeepBelieving4774 By KeepBelieving4774 Completed

Behind that cocky and arrogant mask that Chat Noir puts on, lies sweet and shy (not to mention cute) Adrien. 

And under the hard-to-get Parisian superhero that everyone calls "Ladybug", is a klutz of a teenager, Marinette. 

Marinette in her normal, non-superhero life, has a humongous crush on Adrien. Chat Noir in his not normal superhero life thinks that Ladybug is the cat's meow. 

Little do they know that they both like each other, superhero or not. But the more the fight crime together, and sit near each other in class, they both begin to grow suspicious of each other? 

Will their masks fall off? Will they find out each other's identity? 

(Fan fiction of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir)

Started: April 1, 2016. 
Completed: July 22, 2016

Imma kill one of them if they don't get it through their thick heads
If I was there I would go and cuss Chloe out cause she's just being a damn bitch
YourLoverSage YourLoverSage 4 days ago
"His best friend" when you can't Remeber the rest of the casts name lol
WolfKing371 WolfKing371 Oct 26, 2016
Just like Adrien or was it Cat Noir 😼😏😎😉😗😚😽😙
hiccstridspace hiccstridspace Jul 28, 2016
Have yougies read 'chats sexual dreams' dang that book is funny and at the same time gross😂😝
What if when Adrien and Marinette were transformed, they could hear Tikki and Plagg in their head?