Drarry One Shots

Drarry One Shots

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themoosstrikesagain By themoosstrikesagain Updated Oct 01

The title says it all :)

If you have a request, send it o me! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Also there are some short shitty ones in the beginning and then some reallllyy short ones in the middle and after that they're longer so yeah..

I don't own any of the characters they're all j.k. Rowling's.
Nor do I own any of the amazing pieces of fan art/videos attached to some chapters.

If you have a problem with relations between the same sèx you should probably avoid this book, unless you want to learn to appreciate the fine art of boyxboy.

The art on the cover is by Puking Pastilles on Deviantart :)

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Oh my GOD hgddhvdfhxdygfgshshshsh im crying 💖😭💖😭💖
Harry would mindlessly do this too not thinking anything of it
i was so sad at first thinking there was going to be a sad ending but now I'm crying tears of joy
He wasn't going to do it Draco, even tho he could have fallen on accident so THANK YOU!
I always wondered how he wasn't depressed in the books....his parents....Sirius......Hedwig.....Cedric.......
This made me cry more than the forest fic oml I just can't even 😭😭