The Before And After Effect- Percy Jackson And Avengers Crossover

The Before And After Effect- Percy Jackson And Avengers Crossover

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Percy has no where to go. Annabeth is dead. The seven are dead(except for Percy). When he finds his parents dead, and he has a uncle Whos a billionaire will trouble follow?

Nick Fury has been looking for Perseus Jackson for six years. What happens when he finds out that Tony the kids uncle?

Nico has been captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. for a week and nobody knew where he was. When percy and his uncle find him will it be for better or for worse?

Read this to find out.


SAndTSayHi SAndTSayHi May 04
Hazel's death is far too much for me, I certainly don't like that kind of bloody slow deaths
Ahh its very nicely written but the pacing is a tad too fast,
LunaMoon741 LunaMoon741 Jul 29
How can someone that's save the world multiple times be boring
Why does Leo always die a gory death in these stories!!  So far he's died by being crushed to death, drowning to death, lava being thrown at him, and a bunch more! Yeesh, and I thought people loved Leo! #StopKillingLeo
owca1000 owca1000 Apr 18
I think I read this before but I don't remember lol
                              I just clicked because I'm like "why does this have a escalator on the cover lol"
Did the monster or giant dig up a hole for hazel while she was waiting to be buried alive ?