Chenry/Jaele  One-shots

Chenry/Jaele One-shots

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Sky Liece By SkyLiece Updated Nov 24

This is a bunch of henry and charlotte and jace and riele one shots rated pg-r

Wow just wow just a few moments of kissing can REALLY start it up a-noach  EHHH HENRY?? EHH??
mimieyhome mimieyhome Jun 01
Dan needs to look at these stories to get ideas,  he must have writer's block or something.
MellinPatch MellinPatch Sep 22
Xander honey why do you have a bat? Let that poor bat fly away 😂😂
ALS2boo ALS2boo Jun 10
Maybe if you sit on him he'll hold on to you and you keep spraying his grip may be a little painful
That explains so much thats why hes dating isbella instead of riele he can't see real beauty just a clown!!!!!