Nagisa's Journal {Trigger warning} (FINAL EDITING IN PROGRESS)

Nagisa's Journal {Trigger warning} (FINAL EDITING IN PROGRESS)

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I hate skool By The_great_trashbin Completed

(Suicidal Nagisa Shiota AU)
I have to...
I have to...
It's all I can do...
They're better off without me...
This world is hell...
I'm drowning in it...
It's all too much...
I'm going to fly away...

I must fly away...

I did this
This story is very graphics, and a VERY triggering. If you don't like things about cutting yourself or anything along the lines, I suggest you REALLY DON'T READ THIS.
And please be very careful... this is important to me and others...

Flowerly_Harvester Flowerly_Harvester Nov 16, 2016
Stilll K-A-Y-A-N-O, Or is there some new student named Kaneyo?
Fenster568 Fenster568 Aug 31, 2016
Why? It's pretty easy (to all the innocent people who didn't do it... don't do it's bad) I breathed in and out and cut myself... On my belly... it bled... a lot
tangerinenoodles tangerinenoodles Aug 08, 2016
Out of all the places to hide it, though I shouldn't be the one talking
Trashyflora Trashyflora Jul 11, 2016
Roses are red
                              This is interesting 
                              Holy shiet it's late
                              I should be resting
Ekomi_Geek Ekomi_Geek Nov 21, 2016
I have actually done, and I have, a journal exactly like this for the same purpose (._.)
EpicMelody EpicMelody Mar 18, 2016
I feel like I'd be the third bullet point because I don't like the first two...
                              Nagisa can't die!!