Royal Rebellion ~ Slave to the High Royals

Royal Rebellion ~ Slave to the High Royals

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Enchantedlov By Enchantedlov Updated Jun 09, 2016

Book Two in the Slave to the High Royals series.


The war is only just beginning.

Violetta Simmons could have never imagined that she would fall in love, with Aiden the prince of all vampires no less. Their relationship, although forbidden, seems to be her only solace from the developing war between her species and his.

With the rebels gone, Violet is deserted and left to serve the High Royals once again. But, with the Queen revealing the threat of a rebellion to the entire vampire population, it seems a war may be more catastrophic than she originally thought.

As the relationship between Violet and Aiden grows stronger, the war threatens to tear them apart.

Book cover designed and created by - @heartsandcrosses_

Niice but the Queen is so cold.. Hmm what a which... Loving the romance though!
HelenLeiten HelenLeiten Mar 17, 2016
Loved the first book! Your writing style is soooooo good! Can't wait for the next chapter!
sanyamb sanyamb Mar 14, 2016
Love ur story... Me getting bit addictive to it... Thanks for writing such a good thing
ohiostategirl07 ohiostategirl07 Mar 13, 2016
Omg Omg omg!!! I can't believe this is up! I loved this!! It was great and amazing!! I cant wait to read more. I love this series so much girl:)
Chloe_xl Chloe_xl Apr 12, 2016
wow, this is so interesting, usually the books I've read on here was always the same vampire first character but I love that it's a bit of both, and that there slaves for the royals, really really great start to this book, honestly hooked. ;)
bobisba3 bobisba3 Mar 14, 2016
Been waiting for this! FINALLY!!!!  It's already interesting and it's the first chapter! Great job I loved the first book so much!! I hope it's the same for the second one ^-^