Robin De Noir X Reader (The Secret Of Moonacre)

Robin De Noir X Reader (The Secret Of Moonacre)

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♥️ By Fanfic_writing Updated Sep 29, 2016

This is a story based 3 years after Maria saved Moonacre Valley from the curse. Since then, a new curse has risen and a new reign has come to rule.

Who do you think it'll be?
What will your part (as reader) be?
What do you think will happen?

Find out by reading this book!

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Sourenza_Moonlight Sourenza_Moonlight Nov 02, 2017
I just rewatched this movie and felt my childhood again. I love your book so far!!!
AlulaOkawei AlulaOkawei Dec 20, 2017
Darling I have been waiting for someone as magnificent as you to write a story as wonderfully and fully detailed as this, you my lovely author have a proper talent for writing! May you write more masterpieces such as this!
MadelineHatter15307 MadelineHatter15307 Mar 27, 2017
Imagine Robin in a Tux... 
                              And without the hat...
                              I CAN'T!! LOL!!
DymondAlyce DymondAlyce Nov 20, 2016
Jeans weren't around in this time. Neither were hoodies or sneakers js
JaneTheKiller1267591 JaneTheKiller1267591 Mar 29, 2016
Hi!! I really love this x reader so far. This is an awesome one too! cx
poseidons_fury poseidons_fury Nov 14, 2016
The story and movie takes place before tv's were invented, so it would be slightly impossible for there to be one. (I thought I'd let you know...)