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Always • joe sugg

Always • joe sugg

33.1K Reads 783 Votes 40 Part Story
s u m m e r By MYNAMESCHAl Completed

[UNEDITED because I'm a lazy arse]

yeah this is my first ever fan fic so don't fite me lol soz for early 2016 ish me

Just a average party, music, lights, until a little game of spin the bottle. 
Will major things happen? will their relationship last? or will it end? 
Lauren and Joe meet at her cousins party. Things slowly escalate from there. Lauren suffers from some anxiety and panic attacks. But will that effect there relationship? 

Some mature language
Urm yeah, this is really cringe ok bye
genuinely feel sorry for anyone that enjoys this book lmaoooooo

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